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Explore alternative therapy services to heal and restore your mind, body & soul.


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We recognize that an individual is healthiest when the mind, body and soul are aligned. Like a mirror image of the individual, organizations are healthiest when their business vision, employee performance and organizational strategies are in alignment.


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No matter where you are in the world, book your individual therapy session or attend our online group classes from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Using alternative therapy techniques our experienced therapists and facilitators enable you to heal and learn about the interplay between the mind-body-soul to enable you to reach your highest potential in all areas of your life.

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In 3 sessions my claustrophobia was completely gone! I still can’t believe it! Thank you, Omer! Would definitely recommend this place

Peter Mccain

There is something so different and calming about the energy of the space. As a regular, I love everyone here and would highly recommend it. Thank you Amrit and your team.

Sarah Myers

I have been with Miracles for a few months now and the changes in my life have been incredible! I have learnt things I never thought possible and my life has opened up in amazing ways. I am so grateful. Miracles is truly for everyone. A place where there is no judgement, and all are welcome. You don’t need to be unhappy because miracles do happen!


Best tarot reader! My experience with Taruna was that she is exceptional. Her reading has always been amazing and on point. She really has an incredible insight and in fact, I feel extremely healed after having spoken to her.I am really grateful to her. Also, at the reception, it was so pleasant communicating to Mae and Veronica. They have good communication skills and guides people with the correct facilitator and helps them to fix an appointment easily. I'm glad to be a part of Miracles it was a great experience. It was a pleasure visiting them. All the best Miracles team and see you soon.

Sameen Ratti.

Wow. Absolutely amazing. Thank you, Amrit for everything you allowed me to make possible. We could really use one of these centers in Chicago. What you did for me in the first session is what no MD could ever do for me. I could never have thought holistic medicine could permanently heal my physical body. Energy and Spirituality are indeed real. I now have no choice but to believe

Amit Rajpal

Hello Miracles Team, and to my Coach Jane, I have missed you and the team so much after 7-months, it was nice to be back on track after the lockdown, I missed your hugs and your beautiful energies. Mae who always assists my needs, she is also exceptional with her customer service. It was so nice speaking to her again. Your new meditation Connecting to the Universe with Sound healing was really amazing. It was a great way to to reconnect and refresh after 100 days of lockdown. The healing frequencies and vibrations was really amazing, it gave me goosebumps. I felt so calm and relaxed and clear about what I’m going to do next in my life. I look forward to coming to more classes like this. More power to you all and stay safe

Angel Virata

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