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Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have a unique molecular structure that retains the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations effectively. In a typical Crystal Therapy session, crystals are used to cleanse, stabilize, and restore the balance of your body’s energetic systems (mental/emotional/physical/etheric).

Every session you experience may be different. You will also be guided on how to use crystals in your daily life to continue the process of uplifting and enhancing, long after your session is complete.


  • Safe and effective technique suitable for anyone of any age
  • Release negative emotions
  • Release deep-rooted emotions caused by trauma/PTSD/abuse
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost mental focus and clarity
  • Increase spiritual awareness
  • Balance chakras
  • Manifestation through crystal grids
  • Space clearing and enhancing through crystal pyramids and grids

Crystal Therapy is for you if you:

  • Have emotional or physical pain you wish to release
  • Have mental/emotional blocks preventing you from progressing in life
  • Are looking for peace of mind and body
  • Require hormone balancing
  • Need support with fertility
  • Wish to experience spiritual growth
  • Wish to strengthen your physical/emotional/mental state
  • Require chakra balancing
  • Wish to cleanse or boost the energy of your physical space (home/office)

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