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Who We Are


In the year 2013, Miracles Wellness Center Dubai was founded by Amrit Chand Schmidt, with the aim of creating a safe space that transforms people’s lives in a way that is positive and enriching while offering the best in the Holistic world. Our highly qualified and experienced therapists and facilitators offer a variety of alternative therapy techniques and activities that empower you to move out of challenging life situations, enabling you to live a life of happiness, ease and deep inner peace.

We are always inspired to support & facilitate you on your journey towards self-development and personal growth. Our priority is YOU and how you chose to show up the in the world. Through this endeavor we come together as a family, a community of healers and professionals to make the world a better place, making Miracles happen everywhere.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Miracles Center.


We live in a world where are always expected to be a certain way and do the right thing. Many times we don’t look at whether that works for us or not. Now you can FINALLY make it work for you. Whether it is your work, relationships, finances or even your body – now let’s make it work together !

We understand that healing is not a one-size-fits-all-copy-paste-formula. We take our time with you, understand you, we believe in you and we asses what is the best way forward specifically for you. Our holistic services are conducted to educate individuals on understanding the mind-body-energy interplay and how it influences the lives we live in, enabling transformation.

Each session at Miracles is customized to cater to your requirements and what will create the most for you in your life – getting you to your highest potential! We get you to look at yourself in a way you may never have before and completely change your relationship with life one step at a time. So… are you ready for the Miracles you have been asking for ?


Just like how different colors of the rainbow come together to make a rainbow, we understand that each individual in this world is unique like a color of the rainbow.

They are not good or bad – they are simply unique from each other !

When we reach a space within our selves where we can see the beauty in this rather than the differences and the separation that exists in the world, we KNOW the world will become a kinder, tolerant and a more connected place.

Miracles Wellness Center is the first small step towards that initiative. We make the world an even more beautiful place one smile at a time and through this platform we come together and become more conscious globally.